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Let me start by saying this is not an indictment of a particular pastor. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and it’s not my job or place to judge.  THIS IS a story about my encounter with someone who was a little bit overzealous about his bishop.

It’s Halloween. This is the A-T-L, so there are tons of costume parties going on all over town. I was at my usual spot on a Sunday evening holding it down with DJ Nabs. We had different people coming through the door with a variety of costumes.

“We’ve got the sexy police officer in the building! I see a sexy nurse! Foxy Brown is in the house!” You get the general idea.

Well…someone who was focused on winning the money up for grabs that night chose to come as a local pastor who’s been in the news lately — complete with the infamous outfit that was featured in pics across the country. He even had his cellphone out to complete “the look.” I acknowledged him AS THE CHARACTER he was portraying.

Well one gentleman in the place on the dancefloor (who was obviously a member of this church) became particularly indignant with me. No, let me rephrase that. He was heated!!! He started on this rant about how he was security for this pastor and that  he was going to see the pastor later on that evening and tell the pastor what went on!!

Now if all this were true…I had many questions (and I’m sure you do too):

1. If you’re his security … why are you here? Shouldn’t you be handling ….his security?!

2. It’s 11 p.m. at night and you state you’re going to see him later that evening!? Please refer to question 1.

3.  Why are you getting indignant with me …and not the GUY WHO ACTUALLY SHOWED UP DRESSED AS YOUR PASTOR?!!

4.  I’m going to tell my pastor on you!?? Really!? Where am I? Elementary school?

I tried to talk this guy off the ledge and eventually he relaxed….but he still obviously had a problem with the whole thing. As I said … this is not an indictment of a particular pastor..or a particular church. This is a statement that…if you are passionate about your pastor and your church … there is nothing wrong with that. Just don’t get ridiculous with it. You are at a costume party…chill.

And oh… by the way…that costume ended up taking 2nd place …that’s my Real A-T-L story for now.


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