Strawberry Letter: “Why Are We Standing Still”

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Strawberry Letter: Why Are We Standing Still

Good Morning Shirley and Steve,

I met a man 12 years ago and we instantly fell for each other. We dated regularly for about 18mos and one night he said “would you like to marry me?” I quickly said “you not ready for me” and then there was silence. I really did believe he was serious. 12 years later we have still been seeing each other every now and then.

We go out and then we end up spending a night with each other. I think I am so in love with him, and he always tells me how much he loves me, but it’s just that. Why hasn’t he ever brought up marriage again? I tell myself the next time I’m going to but I never can.

Steven I know you got a answer. All our family and friends think we are crazy and everyone blames me for being in a so called 12 year relationship that is going nowhere. I want to marry him so bad, but I can’t bring myself to ask him. We are both well established in our careers, he has a house, I own a condo and there is no drama with children, and I know he sees other women, lets face it he’s a man. Neither of us has ever been caught with another the only issue is we are still here 12 years later with no commitment.

Please please help.

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