Strawberry Letter: Should I Tell My Neighbor About Her Cheating Husband?

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Strawberry Letter: Should I Tell My Neighbor About Her Cheating Husband?

Good morning everyone:

Last night I was securing my storm door during a rain storm when I saw a woman running down the steps to my neighbor’s basement. My neighbor works overnight and her husband works during the day. I looked for her vehicle, but it wasn’t there. This morning like clock work her vehicle was parked outside her house. Should I tell her?

I moved into the house across the street a little over a year ago, and although I know my neighbors, and we have each others contact info in case of emergencies and vacations, we haven’t established personal relationships. I’m really on the fence about this, because I would want someone to tell me. Also, a couple years ago, my cousin’s girlfriend cheated on him, and when I told him, she and I got into a really bad argument, and they’re still together. I took the advice of a male friend who told me “he was my cousin therefore, I was obligated to tell.”

Please help. Should I tell or mind my own business? My nature is to mind my own business, but I really feel bad that she’s being deceived like this, and in her own home at that.

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