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Strawberry Letter: Husband and Baby Daddy # 6

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My wife and I have been married for 3 ½ years. We both are 30 years old. She has 5 kids with 4 other men and 1 with me which makes 6 in all. I used to have problems with 1 of the other fathers, but the kids are not the issue here. We constantly have heated arguments over the smallest things and when we do, she always tells me that my child is not mine and that she cheated on me.

We recently got back together after she left me for a 22 year old boy that she worked at Wendy’s with after my child was born and she found out he couldn’t pay the bills. My daughter is mine and that’s not the issue. I forgave her because I believe in marriage. I sometimes have to stay at a relative’s house and they ask me why I put up with all her drama, which is a problem in itself.

Please help me with some advice because I feel like the butt of one of your jokes

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